Mike Denny - Toastmaster & Celebrant

I have virtually a lifetimes experience of public speaking in many settings and now use these skills as a Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies and Civil Celebrant. I have addressed audiences of all sizes from small intimate gatherings and presentations to hosting and speaking at major conferences and seminars while my empathetic skills, so necessary in my Celebrant work were honed and fine-tuned working for many years in the hospice movement. My experience includes working in the commercial sector as well as the charity world.

Why use my speaking skills over many of the other excellent speakers in the sector? My answers are simple – I will deliver the tone and content professionally and eloquently as you want while always respecting the function or service and its nature. My second answer is because I enjoy public speaking which I believe comes over strongly in everything I do.

I will be happy to meet with you at a mutually convenient time and place to discuss without any obligation your requirements